The Most Important Person in the Room

I recently went to a meeting where an old-timer singled out a newcomer saying, “You are the most important person in this room.” In most organizations the newest person to join is, by far, the least important. They may be hazed or saddled with the most menial tasks, but in that room the ‘new-guy’ was the most important. In the recovery community we strive to cultivate our newcomer’s sobriety to the best of our ability. We don’t do this to create the next generation of persons in recovery or to make ourselves feel better. The sad driving force is that it’s literally life or death. Almost all of us knows someone who died because of this disease and there is a force, spiritual or not, willing us to save a life. We don’t ask newcomers to introduce themselves apart from the regulars, saying their name and their addiction, to embarrass him or her. Just saying their name and admitting what they are lets them become apart of our community. A community where, by far, the newcomer is the most important person in the room.



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