The Next Step for Me: Recovery Residence

As a young woman in recovery, one of the best decisions I made was to go to a recovery residence after I completed treatment. I was twenty five when I got sober and I had just gone through a five month women’s treatment program. Although I completed treatment and graduated from a great program, I really had no idea how to live as a sober woman in recovery. I had learned a lot in treatment but really I had no life skills and I was not ready to live on my own. I had started using at age thirteen, so I had never developed the tools to live as an adult.

     It was suggested to me by the staff at the treatment center I went to, my sponsor and other sober women that I go into a recovery residence. The purpose of this was so I could have some independence, but still have people to be accountable to. At that point, I was willing to do whatever was suggested so that I would stay sober. The recovery residence I went to was in the same property as my treatment center. I moved in immediately and completed the suggested commitment. I’m so grateful I made this choice. Living in a recovery residence allowed me time to learn how to live and to transition into being independent. I firmly believe I would’ve had a harder time staying sober had I not gone. After I completed my commitment, I was able to get my first apartment, pay my bills and most importantly, be a sober woman in recovery with integrity. Moving into a recovery residence allowed me to get where I am today and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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