The Passing of Rhonda Styburski

Around 1pm this afternoon a dear friend to all of us at the Sanctuary passed. Rhonda Styburski was a part of the Sanctuary when it wasn’t much more than an idea. Before we opened she put together our admissions forms. As her life drew to a close she helped us launch our women’s program. All the time in between she was a confidant and an adviser to both Nancy and me.
Rhonda worked hard to help keep us organized. She was quick to encourage. She spoke up when she knew something was wrong. Devoted to recovery, she was thoughtful, compassionate, and supportive. When Rhonda asked you how you were doing, she really wanted to know. She cared.
Although fiercely independent, Rhonda was truly a part of our team. To many of us it is hard to see the Sanctuary without seeing Rhonda. There was never a question of her dedication and dependability.
Having lived on the premises, Rhonda was a constant in the lives of our residents. Her experience, her expertise, her skills as a nurse, her friendship, made her invaluable to us. She will be sorely missed.
We would appreciate any comments you may have on what Rhonda meant to you and to the Sanctuary. We thought it would be nice to pass them along to her surviving family members. We are planning a memorial service for her and will keep you all up to date with any developments. We will also honor her memory somehow at the Sanctuary and we’re open to any suggestions on how to best do so.

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