The Sanctuary Provides A New Van To Assist Residents

photoThe residents at the Sanctuary are all very busy. In addition to working on their recovery from addiction they are all either going to a job, going to school or volunteering. The Sanctuary believes that part of early recovery is to slowly get integrated back into the real world and have a schedule to follow all while being free of chemical dependency. One challenge is that not all residents arrive with access to their own vehicles. That is why we are proud to present our new Sanctuary van.  The new van seats up to seven people and is very safe. We are all very happy that we have such a vehicle to provide transport to our residents whether it be to AA or NA meetings, appointments, therapy, work, volunteer commitments…The Sanctuary van is a great addition to an already outstanding program.  It is going to provide many miles of service in transporting our residents to where they need to be during their early road of recovery.


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