It seems like yesterday that I founded The Sanctuary; a place that began with two homes for men, with the hope of providing a safe, structured environment, for those wishing to begin their journey into recovery.

A lot has happened during the last years but our mission remains the same. Looking back over the last ten years I am still honored to be a part of so many lives and so is our staff.

These are just a few of the things we have accomplished:

– We now have 3 homes for men and 2 for women, all with gender specific staff.
– We are honored to be part of The Crossroads Antigua foundation; I am still a member of their leadership team.
– The sanctuary was the first home to be certified and a charter member of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences
– We are part of the chamber of commerce for the city of Delray Beach and continue to serve our community by our volunteer efforts and serve on the Delray Drug Task Force.

Looking forward we hope to continue our efforts to serve those men and women who seek a more meaningful life in recovery. I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard through the years to make the sanctuary a unique recovery residence – one day at a time.

Nancy Steiner R.N.
Founder and Executive Officer
The Sanctuary Delray Beach