Three Pertinent ideas

Alcoholics anonymous makes clear three pertinent ideas in how it works that I have found to be so true in my life.

(a)  That we were alcoholic and could not manage our own lives.  This was pretty self-evident.  My life was a mess and every time I tried to get my life back in order it would soon come crashing down after the next relapse.   All I could manage was to hang on thinking the next time would be different.

(b)  That no human power could have relieved my alcoholism.  My family, friends and I tried every angle to try and get me sober.   Multiple treatment center , doctors ,psychiatrists , church throwing me out of the house taking me back into the house giving me money, not giving  me money talking to me, not talking to me, pleading with me, begging me, calling the police nothing worked.

(c)  God could and would if he were sought.  When I let go and let god things started to change for me.  I was no longer fighting for what I thought I wanted or needed and started to accept that god had a better plan. There is an old adage that I heard In AA that I found amusing.  If you want to make God laugh tell him the plans for your life.  How relieving it is today to do the footwork and leave the results in god’s hands.  I do not spend time stressing on finding the right answers or trying to figure everything out.  When I just do the right things god works out the rest.  God wants you to have spiritual success and He intends that you have it. If you live your life as much as possible according to spiritual laws, you can expect your share of joy and peace, satisfaction and success. Now that is truly  freedom of the bondage of self.


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