Why Transitional Living?

For many alcoholics and addicts in early recovery, when their treatment stay is ending the question arises as to what their next step should be to continue their recovery.  For many, going home to old people, places, and things could be too much to handle in such a delicate time of their recovery.  The immediate months after treatment are arguably the most crucial time for addicts and alcoholics in recovery.  This is when you really get to develop healthy habits that can carry your recovery for a lifetime. You are putting into practical action all the information you learned in treatment  and developing a foundation in a 12 step program.

Transitional living is a perfect option for an individual looking to carry the momentum they built in treatment. A safe environment with structure, but an environment which also comes with freedom, is a smart way to integrate back into society.  Living with others who are seeking the same goal can really foster a positive outlook on recovery.  Not to mention you form great relationships with the people you are living with and it can be an experience you will always look at fondly.  Having an environment with enough structure to hold you accountable for the action you are taking in your recovery, but freedom to experience the world soberly is a perfect living environment for anyone looking to make the next step leaving treatment.


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