willingness_is_an_actionOne would think that when fighting a fatal disease, doing anything and everything to recover would be an easy choice, but it took me reaching the lowest point of my life to become willing to take a few simple suggestions. I was deep in the trenches of my addiction, desperate enough to at least try.  After making the decision to be “all in” I  found the willingness to go to a treatment center, fulfill a six (6) month commitment at a recovery residence, while working with a Sponsor who guided me through the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous.

I had many misconceptions prior to embarking on this journey and am so grateful that I did not allow the media or other false representations of what recovery looks like to deter me.  These tools were able to expand the distance between myself and my addiction while steering me closer to a life worth living, and its more fulfilling everyday. 

I have the freedom to travel, go back to school, and find joy in my everyday life that always existed but never realized.  Close to five years sober now, I work in recovery and being able to share my experience to possibly help another struggling with their addiction is a joy I could never could have imagined. It’s amazing that it all began and continues to be all about willingness.


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