From Alumni

Getting Sober at a Young Age

When I arrived at a rehabilitation center I knew my only other option was death, and a tiny part of me didn’t want to die yet. There was a problem though I was twenty years old. At twenty I had been to jails and in out of hospitals all due to my alcohol and drug problem. However I had a really hard time accepting my reality at twenty. My reality was that I could not drink and use drugs if I wanted to be alive. I asked myself what do twenty years old do other than drink and have fun with their friends? The issue was though that I wasn’t a normal twenty year old I was an addict.

I fought the idea of a halfway house at first. I toured some but knew where I belonged when I visited The Sanctuary. It was beautiful and peaceful. Once i visited The Sanctuary I decided I would give a recovery residence a chance. The decision to go to a recovery residence may have just saved my life.

Brad, 29, alumnus

“Living at the Sanctuary was one of the best things I could have done for my recovery. I thought halfway houses were for criminals. As soon as I saw how nice the homes at the Sanctuary are and how great the staff is, all of my negative thoughts about living in a halfway house disappeared. The staff cared for me like I was family.”

Brian, 70, alumnus

“I was very well treated during my entire stay. I never received anything other than respect and empathy.

The staff is always ‘there,’ but not over controlling.

Gradually the Sanctuary became home. I felt comfortable, safe, and happy here.
The Sanctuary is a place where you live a happy, sober life. There is, no doubt, an adjustment to sober life and this is the perfect place to experience that change. I am grateful for my time here and I will miss it.”

Burton, 24, alumnus

“My experience here at the Sanctuary has been life-changing. It has probably been the greatest time that I have ever spent anywhere for a long period of time. I cherish the bonds, the times, and the relationships I developed during my stay here.”

Jon, 23, alumnus

“The Sanctuary was a wonderful experience for me. It is a beautiful place with kind and friendly people who are all serious about recovery. The staff was compassionate, caring, and very helpful. I cannot say enough about the Sanctuary. It was a wonderful place to spend six months and I’ll never forget my time here.”

Bryan, 27, alumnus

“I really appreciate the care I was given here. They (the staff) really helped me work through life’s little quirks. I needed structure and I got it.”

Mark, 36, alumnus

“The staff here has been tremendous and the amenities are beyond any other facility that I know of. I will recommend the Sanctuary to anyone I know who needs to move forward in their recovery.”

Bill, 40, alumnus

“You really have something special here. I really am proud to say I came here and, as you are aware, I have found it hard to leave.”

Jamie, 31, alumnus

“The Sanctuary helped me save my life. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to stay here.”

Josh, 22, alumnus

“The staff was so attentive and any problems were addressed almost immediately.”

Mark, 20, alumnus

“The Sanctuary helped give me the tools I needed to have a solid recovery and the ability to finally be happy.”